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The FINI command

Like the DONE command, the FINI command contains no payload, so it should always have a len of zero. The server waits to receive the FINI command from all clients. A client must issue the FINI command after all of its procs successfully exit. The server does not generate any return traffic to the clients in response to the FINI commands. After receiving the FINI command from a client the server may close the socket to that client. A server-client socket that dies before the client sends the FINI command is an indiction of an error which should be reported to the user; server behavior after this error is undefined. The server, after receiving a FINI from all clients, exits successful.

Rationale.Leaving the server running while the MPI program is running leaves open the possibility of using it for other purposes such as an error server or a print server.(End of rationale.)

IMPI Protocol ver 0.0
DRAFT March 22, 1999